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2014 Map

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Year 4 of our travels is in the books. We’re currently spending time in the California desert hanging out with friends Imperfect Destiny and Kirk the Tiki Bar Guy. In a continuing trend this year again saw us decreasing the total amount of miles travelled. The first 4 months were completely stationary as we finished up our time enjoying Montana winter. We took advantage of the stationary time and at the tail end (once it was warm enough) completed / started a couple of Horton improvement projects.

Once it was time to roll we made a beeline down to the Moab area to enjoy the warmth and a couple of weeks hanging out with Jim and Julie. After Moab we split ways with J&J heading into Colorado and us heading towards Oregon. We quickly found ourselves back in a CAT shop dealing with an oil leak from a blown gasket between the oil cooler and the engine block. Was the failure a complication of the long, cold and dry winter?

We were quickly fixed up and moved on to spend time in Boise where we first met up with a new friend Kevin. Kevin was out enjoying the west for the summer spending a good bit of time sampling the many breweries out here. We ran in to each other in one of Boise’s offerings and once we realized we were both camped in the same campground decided to spend some more time hanging out and exploring the other Boise breweries. Kevin spent longer than he anticipated staying in Boise and I think in the process learned to enjoy slowing his travel down a little. We split ways when he headed north to explore a canyon but the separation was only temporary.

We headed west into Oregon after Boise with a couple of stops in the John Day area before moving on to what would become a new favorite location in Sisters. While in Sisters we met back up with Kevin and introduced him to the joys of free camping in a National Forest. From Sisters we holed up in super quiet Moro ostensibly to reduce distractions while we searched for more work but in reality ended up watching a whole lot of World Cup since the park offered cable TV.

From there it was time to meet up with Brent’s parents for a week of travel together so we headed for Yakima. We enjoyed visiting several wineries while in town before all four of us moved down to Hood River. While we were in Hood River Kevin hooked up with us again for more brewery touring. All too quickly it was time to send mom and dad back to Seattle and we moved over to Portland. While we had access to a big airport C made a trip to TX and FL to visit family while B explored more of the Portland area. Once C returned Danny flew in to town to visit and then after we spent a week at the beach we came back to Portland for a visit from Adam.

Shortly after Adam’s visit we left Portland and headed back to Sisters with a stop in Corvallis. In Sisters we settled in to daily fitness hiking / biking with a goal of being ready for a climb up South Sister for Brent’s 40th birthday. Before the climb we moved down to Elk Lake in order to be closer to the mountain with a bonus of new hiking.

Our stay at Elk Lake took us into mid September. The weather was still great but since we wanted to spend time in the eastern Sierras on our way south we knew we had to get moving.  We spent the next seven weeks gradually moving south along highway 395. Each stay was 2 weeks and our moving days were usually only 45 miles or so. The weather held up and we got in some fantastic hiking in the Sierras.

As the weather got colder we made a dash to San Diego, partly to get warm, partly to revisit a place we enjoyed and partly to have shipping and a reliable connection so that B could start a new gig (yay??). We spent Thanksgiving week plus two more enjoying breweries, groceries and especially Dog Beach before moving over to Yuma to finish out the year.

So that was it. 3,787 miles. 513 gallons of diesel. Six states: MT, UT, ID, OR, WA, CA. Year 5 coming up!

2013 Map


Despite crossing from south Florida all the way up to northwest Montana, 2013 was our lightest travel year to date. We only put around 5,000 miles on Horton but that was as planned and much appreciated. Initially our plan was to go from Florida, through Texas and then in to Colorado for the summer. However, after the elevation of the Colorado rockies didn’t really work for us we decided to head back into Montana and immediately felt like we were back home. We spent the remainder of the summer and the start of fall bouncing around western Montana before deciding that we weren’t ready to leave and making the big decision to park Horton for six months while we tried out the new experience of a winter in the north. We finished the year with a truck drive back to the southeast to spend time with friends and family for the holidays.

2014 will start on New Years day with us back in the truck making the trek (through a snowstorm) back to Montana. We know that we’ll be in our rental house through the end of April but what comes after that is still up in the air. Will we be itching to roll? Guess we’ll all just have to wait to find out.

2012 Map


Year two of this one year journey is just a few days away from completion. We’re currently parked in Lake Worth, FL, back at our very first stop on the trip way back on January 3rd, 2011. We’re spending the holidays with family, a great improvement over last year’s holidays in the hospital in San Diego. 2012 started there in San Diego with Christine recovering from her hospital stay prior to us moving on. We moved from there into the desert for 2 months spending time among the masses in Quartzsite as well as in near total solitude around Ajo and Sonoita. Then there was a cross country marathon drive of 1500+ miles from New Mexico up to Rochester, MN for a week long Mayo visit that turned into a month. Then from the top of the country to the bottom in another marathon trip down the Mississippi to New Orleans to see our friends Adam and Sarah get married. We moved from there to our first Red Bay, AL visit then to Chattanooga and Tennessee Valley Cattle Dog Rescue. We escaped the first visit but Shadow snuck into the car somehow after our second stay with Michael and the dogs. 

We moved to North Carolina and stayed with my parents for a couple of months before heading north to visit New England. Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Time in Philly as well as two weeks in D.C. before being run out by Sandy. We ended up in Asheville for almost a month, condo living and finally exploring that city for an extended period like we’ve wanted to do for years. After Thanksgiving with the Walker family we headed slowly south with an end destination of Lake Worth for a long overdue extended stay with Carolyn and Jason.

Year two down and once again another year is spread out in front of us full of unanswered questions. Where will we go, what will we see, what experiences will come along to change us? Will we find a place to settle? Will year three of this one year journey turn into year four? We don’t know but we’re happy to find out. Hope you can come along with us.

Aug 21 – Oct 29, 2012

We spent two months this fall exploring just a little bit of New England. We spent the majority of our time in Maine and New Hampshire, but also had a great week in Connecticut with Matthew and Nancy as well as several days in Vermont with our friends Chris and Michal. We had shorter stays in Pennsylvania, pass throughs of New York state, a couple of nights outside of Philadelphia and finished out with two weeks in Greenbelt, MD just outside of Washington DC. A fantastic trip all around and as usual we were left feeling like we need to go back to see all that we missed!

Aug 28 – Sept 3, 2012

We’re fresh off almost a week of hanging out with our friends Matthew and Nancy at their home in Connecticut. Matthew and Nancy are now former RV travellers having just sold their rig, Gigantor and the Whale, after almost 3 years of travelling around the country. We initially met virtually when we were both travelling across the south, us following a week or two behind on almost the same route. It took almost 6 more months of travelling before we managed to make our paths cross and meet each other for real just outside of Glacier NP in Montana. continue reading…

Aug 21 – 28, 2012

It’s been one week since we got back into the travelling mode. It’s been pretty smooth but it’s definitely taking a little time to find our groove again. We spent most of the week in Pennsylvania, getting here on the second day and deciding to stop when Christine had some work come in. We made our first stop at Cordorus State Park just outside of Hannover, PA. Turned out to be a pretty nice park once we finally managed to get level. They had a good bit of trails, mostly informal, that wandered through the woods and around the lake. At first we were a little put off by their pet policy that restricted pet owners to specific sites and actually quarantined you to only walking your dog within those areas. You couldn’t even walk the campground roads that went past non pet campsites. It was interesting but we found enough routes to keep Shadow happy.

It was also pretty cool to see that they had some American Chestnut trees growing in the park. These were part of a program of crossing the American Chestnuts with Chinese Chestnuts until they are 15 parts American and 1 part Chinese. This blend is supposed to retain all the qualities of an American Chestnut with the blight resistance of a Chinese Chestnut. You can read more here. continue reading…

March 4 – August 19, 2012

Well, its been 5 months since our last post and it was relatively busy for us both. Last time we updated we were in the southwest hanging out in the desert with Jim and Julie. Since then we’ve made an 1500 mile journey from New Mexico to Minnesota, then another 1100+ mile journey from Minnesota to New Orleans. We’ve been to Atlanta a couple of times, visited the dogs at Tennessee Valley Cattle Dog Rescue twice and got in more time than we had hoped for with our family in North Carolina.

After leaving the fantastic grasslands of Cieneguitas National Conservation Area we journeyed back to Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus New Mexico. This was our first repeat stay, our first time was in March last year, and we even settled in the same spot as we had the first time. We spent a week and a half there this time around, getting to repeat Camp Furlong Days (it was cold this year) and thankfully not repeating the federal raids on a local gun ring. continue reading…

February 19 – March 4, 2012

Leaving Tucson we only drove 45 miles or so south to get to the Cieneguitas National Conservation Area, just outside of Sonoita, Arizona. Christine had found reference to the spot using FreeCampsites.net and it looked like it had good potential as a free boondocking site. The plan for the next week or two was to find a quiet sunny spot where we could hang out with Jim and Julie some more while getting work done and putting the new solar setup to the test. Mission accomplished!

After scouting out the gravel roads in the Mazda we settled on a spot in the Cieneguita Camp Area, a sweet little section of the grasslands that has some established spots but looks like extremely light use. We oriented Horton broadside to the south while J&J manuevered into a spot nearby. Settled and happy!

The next day I set about crafting some tilt bars for the panels. Now, you can buy some custom bars from AM Solar, the same vendor we got the rest of our equipment from, but they will run you a pretty steep $40 / set. $40 * 4 panels = $160 worth of tilt bars…really? Thanks to a tip from Nina on her WheelingIt blog we knew that we could easily and inexpensively craft our own. Picked up some aluminum stock from Home Depot along with some bolts and wing nuts for a total cost of $40 or so and set to it. As a bonus, I was able to cut the bars and drill the holes using power tools driven off the inverter and then happily watch the solar panels push that power right back into the batteries. Sweet! continue reading…

February 14 – 18, 2012

Time for a little catch up.

After getting our new solar system installed we moved just an hour or two down the road to Oro Valley, a Tucson area suburb. Not surprising for us but maybe for others in the park, it was snowing as we pulled in. Yep, snowing, in southern Arizona. What can I say, if we come, there will be cold. Jim and Julie understand, and even gauged how close we were to arrival by when it started snowing. But hey, it made for an amazing view coming into the valley. Our destination was Catalina State Park which sits just at the base of the Catalina mountains. Now somewhere in the back of our minds we might have known that there were going to be mountains but we weren’t prepared for the grandure of the view rolling in. Flat land with the periodic dip down for a wash as far as we could see right up until the range started reaching for the sky. Add in a little snow to decorate the peaks and we could hardly keep our eyes on the road for the last 15 to 20 miles of the drive in.

Catalina was set to both be a reunion, with our friends Jim and Julie of ImperfectDestiny, as well as a meeting with virtual friends Tricia and Keith of Geeky Explorers and Tommy and Danielle of Our Mobile Love Affair. Jim and Julie were the first fellow travelers we met way back in February of 2011, just a few weeks into the beginning of our journey. Tricia and Keith are fellow former Georgians whose blog we had been following with interest as they worked through the process of pitching all their stuff and moving into a motorhome. Tommy and Danielle were travelling last year on an extended trip when they ran into our then virtual and now real life friends Matthew and Nancy of Gigantor and the Whale (now back on the road!). Similar to how Jim and Julie told us about Matthew and Nancy, Matthew and Nancy told us about Tommy and Danielle and that is how these mobile road connections work it seems. While we were hanging out in the desert south of Ajo we found out that all three couples were going to be in Tucson at the same time and we knew what our next destination had to be. continue reading…

In our travels around the country we’ve always gazed enviously at rigs that have solar panels integrated. Its one of those things we really would have liked to have the past year but had decided early on that it didn’t make a lot of sense financially. The financial equation especially didn’t work out when viewed in the context of a one year horizon, however, as some of you may have noticed, our one year is kind of up. Since we blew through that barrier and aren’t really considering moving out of Horton we decided to re-evaluate the solar decision.

Let me just take a short cut and say, if you are looking to justify solar from a strictly financial standpoint, forget about it. It just doesn’t work, at least not for a long time. Take for example our two weeks in Ajo just before we got our install done. We stayed on BLM land, free camping, only two costs, propane for heat, cooking and refrigeration and diesel for the generator. Out of those two costs, solar could remove only the generator. When we’re boondocking, even while working all day, we run the generator generally once per day to float and potentially for a couple of short sessions to heat something in the microwave or whatever. In our two weeks in Ajo, we burned 10 gallons of diesel, so figure that at $40. Multiply that out by 26 two week periods in the year and you pretty quickly realize that even if we boondocked every single day of the year (which we don’t) it would still take years to pay off the materials side of a solar install. continue reading…